I hear it all when it comes to questions about our studio. Listed are just a couple, with a few rare funnies. Feel free to message us if you don’t “get it” or need more information. I’ll even take the funny questions to pass along. Enjoy!

Email  works best or, please give us a shout!  byobrushstudio@gmail.com ((228)282-2269)

Bring it! We allow any non or alcoholic beverages to be consumed by any, over the age of 21yrs. BYOB does not serve any alcohol. We ask that you are respectful of others joining public classes and ACT RIGHT! Or at least be mindful of under age artist that will post everything on Facebook which we have no control. Those Facebook bloopers posted or your actions in or after a studio session might be funny to most but, you know. Pay attention to the age requirements listed on your events page, this will let you know how crazy you can get!

If your dog just threw up on your new shoes….and don’t make the class you have already rsvp for…we will issued a studio credit that is good for any class. If you cancel two weeks prior to your date we will issue a refund!  If we cancel the class you will be refunded.


In short, NO. “B.Y.O. Brush Studio”, it’s “bring your own (refreshments, beverages, bit#@es, etc) brush studio.” Get it? No experience needed. We will show you everything you need to know. Don’t worry!

For our classes we like to separate the “girls night out” from the family fun!  We have classes for all ages and age requirements are noted. Please let us have our girls night without the kiddos!  This means pay attention to the age requirements…we don’t want the little ones to learn a “new word”!

Yes, however alcohol consumption on the premises is at your own risk. B.Y.O. Brush Studio will not be held responsible for your actions while drinking during or after the class. Please drink responsibly. That is the legal stuff, now really??? BYO Brush provides utensils, disposable plates, cups and (don’t ask) but I just happen to own a breathalyzer.

Be sure to let us know if you would like a “lil more” of this or a”lil less” of that before class, and we will see what we can do to make you happy!  BYOB is all original, every time we paint it is a little different.  We do not crop and paste other artist’s work…it is original. We do like to do small changes to all designs, it keeps the juices flowing.

Like whatever!! If you are attending someone else’s party, please remember that the hostess is responsible for a minimum attending and she will be charged for your canvas. Mama taught you southern etiquette, right?  If you have reserved a party with a deposit, two weeks notice is needed to receive a full refund of your $50 deposit. All reservations are made via pre-payment.  Any cancellations are issued a credit good for another class. NO refunds!

Only if her name is Ruby. This is my baby (six pounds of get down) and you might see she roam the floors for a little wine and cheese.

Yes, we offer some paintings for sale. Just let us know what you had in mind…remember we do original,so designs will vary. We will either sell it or whip one up! Custom orders are totally welcomed…. sometimes… just ask!

Feel free to be inspired, but please do not copy or we will slap a law suit on your face…. or just slap your face…. No, seriously, don’t steal or copy. Be original and respectful.

In the parking lot!? We start all night classes at 6:30 making plenty of parking for our artists and guests (without parking at the neighbors)!

Just a little word play with “sauce” as “paint”. Sometimes we will have a bottle of “sauce”, a technique we use for some designs. This is where the secret comes in. Ya’ll have to join us to “get hooked on the sauce”

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